What Vargo can do for you

Ever fallen in love with a product but been unable to find it? Vargo brings your favorite videos home with a unique surface tagging technology that places a virtual catalogue at your fingertips.

We will inspire you and make sure you can find and buy your products right away!


With Vargo’s technology we are introducing an entirely new way how to monetize your video library and live streams. Until now, monetization of your videos was limited to pre-, mid- and post-roll ads that would interrupt the viewing experience. This often meant loosing viewers and hoping that the shown ads met the right audience.
Instead of pushing poorly targeted ads to the viewer, Vargo creates an entirely new contextual shopping experience. Better, more deliberate targeting leads to click-through-rates as high as 20 times as the average and higher conversions.
Our technology also enhances the content and increases engagement with the viewers. You will be able to directly engage with the consumer.


We help you to create impactful campaigns and measurable marketing. Engage the consumers more deeply with your campaigns. Instead of just hoping for results, we make your video marketing impact more valuable and also entirely measurable.
We don't set-up your campaign within our Vargo's technology, only. In addition, we develop your individual Vargo-enhanced video-campaign and accompany your creative development from the first idea followed by the execution to the final distribution all over the web.


We ensure that your products don’t get lost in the crowd and give inspired viewers the opportunity to discover and buy your products right away. 
List your products, become part of our contextual shopping experience and the Vargo video commerce network. Already trusted by more than 750 ecommerce shops worldwide we are looking forward to discussing your needs.